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Univerge SV8500

image1A Next-Generation Server for Pure IP or Converged Hybrid Networks

NECís UNIVERGE SV8500 Communications Server is the optimal product for a pure IP or converged hybrid network. It was developed to fully satisfy the communication needs of the enterprise and is an integral part of NECís UNIVERGE?60 approach Electra Eliteto empower your business and to make your network a more productive asset.

The flexible SV8500 supports a powerful set of open standards for interoperability and provides a cost-effective means of leveraging your organizationís existing investments. Even though it is designed to be a part of a pure IP architecture, the SV8500 can accommodate pre-existing traditional systems and support solutions that use either centralized or distributed conferencing and trunking equipment.

The SV8500 serves as the foundation upon which a robust IP telephony solution can be built. It is the next step on the evolutionary path of the SV7000 and the NEAX 2400 systems, and it can be incorporated into networks that contain either one or both of these products.


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